Cotton Seed Oil Cake Manufacturer in Punjab

The by-product obtained by extracting oil from the Cotton Seeds is called Cotton Seed Oil Cake. These are in large quantities rich in protein; for this reason, they act as great nutritional nourish for cattle. It is an excellent organic resource of nutrients produced by the Cotton Seed Oil Cake Manufacturer in Punjab like nitrogen, phosphorus, and lots of minor food elements necessary to animals and plants.

Tirumala Oil Cake is enriched with good quality oil content, protein, fiber, silica, and moisture content, proving of use to livestock and organic farming. It can be used as manure as well at the side of livestock feed, either alone or in a mixture with the other ingredients. The high oil content promotes simple absorption which results in the faster production of milk with improved gooeyness.

Major Uses :

  •   Cattle Feed
  •   Livestock Farming
  •   Bio-fertilizers
  •   Poultry Feed

Features :

  •   Oil: 7-9%
  •   Moisture: 8.5-10%
  •   Silica: 2-3%
  •   Protein: 23-28%
  •   Fiber: 24-26%

Product Quality :

As a quality-oriented organization, Cotton Seed Oil Cake Manufacturer in Punjab is focused on providing our clients with an outstanding quality designer variety of the Cotton Seed Oil cake in this industry. Cottonseed cakes are the semi-solid material that remains after extracting the oil from the cotton seeds. We are broadly well known as one of the leading cottonseed cake manufacturers and exporters from India. Our cottonseed oil cake contains a large amount of protein, oil which makes it highly desirable for animal feed in India.

We give our cotton cake at very reasonable prices for all. Delivering the Quality Products, Cotton Seed Oil Cake is a mass of compressed cottonseed or other similar seeds left after the removal of oil. They can be used as bio-fertilizers for plants.

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Cotton Seed Oil Cake Manufacturer in Punjab

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