Best Cattle Feed Manufacturer in Punjab

Baldev Mehta khal, one of the leading Best Cattle Feed Manufacturer in Punjab,  holds a very old place in the cattle feed industry supplying nutritious feed under the brand name to a dairy farmer of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Uttaranchal, and many other states. It has been using the latest technology in making cattle feed. With the reaction from the marketplace, our industries are elated as dairy farmers and other cattle owners have valued its brand name. For the last many years we came up as a brand in the cattle feed industry.

At that time there was no concept of a brand in this field. In the late and early 1990 ‘, we bring a brand that made use of professional marketing channels like dealer conferences, attractive packaging, etc. It was a time when cattle feed was regarded as a low-profile product. It needed the visionary to launch a successful brand. He wanted to bring the white revolution to Punjab through the concept of balanced feed.

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We deserve credit for maintaining high quality in feed at a time when price war had taken a heavy tool of many units. We attribute our success to the inspiration she has drawn from a doyen of cattle feed industries in Punjab. Our cattle feed is processed under high standard specifications. All the ingredients are thoroughly pre-tested in the laboratory and pass through various quality control analyses before use.

Cattle feed combines the energy-rich ingredients of oil cakes, cereals, brans, molasses, salt, mineral mixture Vitamins, etc. to produce a fortified mix that ensures ideal results in the following aspects of animal husbandry :

  •   More milk with higher fat content.
  •   Optimum health and growth of the livestock, through the build-up of body components.
  •   Prevention of malnutrition and diseases caused by dietary deficiencies.
  •   Stronger bones and all-around body development.



Best Cattle Feed Manufacturer in Punjab

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